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Win Large Government Contracts  

Our highly interactive and experiential Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations Workshops provide your team with everything they need to outshine the competition and show your future customer why your solution is best.

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Gain the Confidence to Master Any Orals Presentation


Confidently Present Your Qualifications

Participants learn to represent themselves and the team well in front of any audience and learn practical strategies to overcome common challenges.

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Align Orals Presentation to Win Strategies

Students develop win strategies and learn how to align every element of the oral presentation to the win strategy.

Identify and Build Upon Discriminators

We teach participants to understand your differentiators and to demonstrate how that difference benefits the customer.
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Consistent Coaching and Feedback

Attendees are provided specific feedback and instruction throughout the entire two day event. We videotape attendees when they first arrive so they can see how they show up and we individualize our coaching to meet the unique needs of all participants.

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Select and Sequence Content While Maintaining Compliance

Teams practice selecting the most relevant content and order it in a manner that highlights your teams qualifications and design the presentation around compliance requirements.


Identify a Winning Team of Experts and Technical Subject Matter Experts

Team members are selected based on technical skill rather than presentation skills. Participants learn to show case talent and how to be memorable.

Based on the New Book by John Parker Stewart and Don Fulop


Designed to serve as a practical guide to successfully delivering a winning Oral Presentation. 

Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations walks readers through each step of creating and delivering a Government Orals presentation including creating win themes and identifying key discriminators.

Readers will also learn how to build their dream team, how know their audience, steps for effective preparation and practice, tips for pulling materials together, delivering the presentation and how to review the entire process.

Walk into your next Orals Presentation with full confidence in your ability to present in front of a Customer or any other audience.


Praise for Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations

"Fulop and Stewart truly stand up and deliver. They will lift the veil and reveal what magicans rarely, if ever, share: their real secrets. They have been there and done that – skillfully, gracefully, and seemingly effortlessly – delivering uncommon results."

Dr. Lani Kass

Senior Vice President and Corporate Strategic Advisor, CACI International, Inc.; Former Sr. Policy Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Former Special Assistant to the Chief; USAF Former Professor of Military Strategy, National War College

“If you are a professional that has to win a proposal or impress a prospective client, this book is a must read for you and your team.”

Mike Thomas

Former President, Lockheed Martin

"Facing an oral presentation is much feared but is an increasingly critical aspect of winning business. Rest assured the winning organization will have thoroughly studied this invaluable resource."

Colonel James C. Adamson

US Army, Ret.; NASA Astronaut; Former President, Lockheed Martin; Former CEO, Allied Signal/ Honeywell

Is Your Team Prepared for the Orals Requirement?

If the written proposal is your resume, the Orals Presentation is the final job interview.

Often representing millions, or billions in revenue, the Orals process offers the government a chance to evaluate the competence of key personnel, understand how the team works together, as provides insight into how well the government team feels it can partner with your team.

With so much on the line, successful orals presentations require a confident, well-prepared team with a winning mentality.

We have been preparing and coaching Orals teams since the requirement was first introduced in the 1990s. Since that time, Stewart Leadership has worked with hundreds of Orals teams,

That experience, lessons learned, outlines, tips, ancedotes, and stories became the basis for the book, and the workshops of the same name.

We offer public as well as in-house workshops designed to give your team the skills and confidence they need to ace the Orals Presentation and bring home the business.

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Public or Private Workshops Available

Give your team the training they need to master the Orals Requirement. Our workshop has been designed to provide valuable information to everyone involved in the business development process - from capture managers, proposal design and development teams, to technical leaders and program managers. Contact us for more information and we will help you determine the best workshop for your needs.